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Curator: Mike Lundgren
Wed Jan 8


We were promised flying cars…so where are they?

We may not be too far from the stuff of sci-fi fantasies. In this fascinating talk at TEDxKC, designer Jared Ficklin introduces a new type of transportation: high-speed urban cable cars that run on wires above the ground. Modeled after ski lifts, these fast, energy efficient cable cars reduce traffic, save cities money, and help everyone avoid a heinous morning commute. We’d swap New York’s jam-packed subways for these flying pod cars any day. 

Watch his whole talk here.

Mon Dec 16


Beyoncé, a.k.a. goddess among mortals slash queen of everything, dropped a surprise album this morning  and guess what? She sampled a TEDx Talk! One of our favorites, actually. It’s a killer talk by author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about gender and femaleness and why we should all be feminists. You can hear the excerpt above in the second verse of ”***Flawless,” bookended by Beyoncé reminding you that she can own it. TEDxEuston, FTW.

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Watch Adichie’s talk here »

Mon Nov 25
Tue Oct 29
Digital Pulse Conference: Forces Shaping The Web from Mike Lundgren: VML / WPP

This is my presentation from the Digital Pulse Conference in Boston.

Sun Oct 6

IAB Forum / Interview after keynote — Warsaw, Poland.

Tue Oct 1

TEDxKC 2013: Defy Impossible

Sun May 6
Here comes the rain… (Taken with instagram)

Here comes the rain… (Taken with instagram)

Sun Apr 22
Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Ink 48 hotel view of Midtown Manhatten  (Taken with instagram)

Ink 48 hotel view of Midtown Manhatten (Taken with instagram)

Wed Feb 23

100B Facebook photos by summer 2011

from Inside Facebook:  Fun Facts About Facebook Photos - Pixable, along with Harvard University researchers, conducted some interesting research about Facebook’s photos. Facebook will have 100 billion photos by this summer, women have twice as many looks/uploads/tags as men, men prefer photos with women they don’t know, women prefer photos with women they know and everyone seems to prefer photos of women in general. Older users and younger users upload about the same amount, but older users are not tagged as often. surprise

Thu Feb 17
Thu Sep 16

My six minutes of sheer terror at Demo 2010.  Terror because there is a six minute countdown clock for each presentation you have to watch through your entire demo — go long and they throw you off the stage ;-)  Well not literally.

Fri Aug 20
tedxkc on Broadcast Live Free

TEDxKC runtime 1hour 51 minutes.

Thu Aug 19
Watch live streaming video from tedxkc at

This is an interview I gave to KCUR (Public Radio) about TEDxKC.  The interview is followed by Dr. Brené Brown talking about her work and upcoming talk at TEDxKC.